It all started with one mold !!!!

 It all started with one mold and a kinda truth or dare joke.

I make candy, sweets, food, soap  and I sell it and enter contests. I am the "cool Grandma". Or at least  think I am.

 And I kept seeing these cute little penis molds and wondered first what could I make?? Secondly who in the world would I try to sell them to. And would I be able to sell them??? Truthfully I was a tad embarrassed, but my family was behind me all the way and said "Go for it"!

 So I started with some chocolate Willy's and put them in my store. There is really no good place to advertise for chocolate penis's just in case you are wondering.

 And one of my wonderful friends bought an order for her 84 year old's mother's birthday!!! Who thought they were a hoot!!!!

 And from then on I started making Gummies, Chocolates...with and without nuts, I really don't know how you can have a nutless penis??? And hard candy in assorted flavors.

 So I ventured out on my limb and started making Penis lollipops on sticks.

 Then I decided it wasn't fair to leave the opposite sex out so the vagina suckers were born.


They come in regular shapes or cute heart shapes as pictured above.

And I have never met a man who isn't a boob man.


 So the moral of this very first blog of mine are never too old to try something new. Get outside your comfort zone, think outside the box. Since starting this I have been brave enough to enter candy contests and I am proud to say I have WON. Of  course I could not enter these adorable creations of mine, but they gave me the confidence to try.



  • Some people start with a crayon, a paintbrush, or bag of beads. First person I know that starts with a penis. Go you. LOL Great read.

    Angela S Nerovich
  • This is adorable! And by-the-way I gave the white chocolate with nuts when she turned 86! She really snarfed them down. 🙃 She turns 88 in a month. It’s kinda hard to top peni candy – I don’t know what the plural of penis is, do they run in hoards? I guess peni gather in orgies.


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